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About NetEvidence

About Us

Welcome to NetEvidence, Inc.

Tennessee's First Certified Forensic Investigators.

NetEvidence, Inc. is a leading provider of computer forensic investigation services and consulting. The company specializes in electronic investigations, including licensed and certified computer forensic analysis, as well as litigation support, and information security. Jeff Tuley and Stan Wilson saw a need for these services in the Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding southeast marketplace. Upon startup it was discovered there was a great need for NetEvidence services nationwide. Drawing upon past experience with large firms and employers, Stan and Jeff sat down and designed the NetEvidence, Inc. business model during a dinner meeting in Houston, Texas. The two decided to create NetEvidence, Inc. and set their sights on future success.

All investigators at NetEvidence, Inc. are licensed private investigators and certified forensic investigators. NetEvidence uses court approved tools and processes to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

More About Us

Over 25 Years Experience

NetEvidence, Inc. has over 12 years of proven success, recovering data, testifying to the activity of system usage, designing and protecting client data, as well as creating great websites and online applications like this site.



Drawing upon past experience with large firms and employers, Jeff and Stan sat down and designed the NetEvidence, Inc. business model during a dinner meeting in Houston, Texas.



NetEvidence, Inc moved into new offices located in Mt. Juliet, TN.


Additional Services

Changes in technology and client needs expanded NetEvidence's services into the offerings available today.

What We Offer You

Professionally Certified Consultants

Large Matter Experience

NetEvidence is one of a select group of computer forensics and investigative experts with the knowledge and experience necessary to tackle the vast avalanche of electronic evidence. our certified forensic investigators and litigation support experts must sort through e-mail, attachments, databases, and other forms of computer communication (e.g. instant messages). NetEvidence's expert mastery of this new form of evidence on behalf of large, complex litigation matters, has enabled us to offer our clients cost effective and timely recovery of large amounts of electronic information.

Protecting Your Business

Electronic evidence is sought in each of the following types of circumstances: intellectual property theft, wrongful termination, breach of contract, sexual harassment, misuse of eMail, financial fraud, merger & acquisition, and spoliation of evidence to name a few.

The Knowledge to Win

As technology develops, so does the capacity for abuse and misuse increase, and computers can be associated with almost any crime, from theft and fraud to paedophilia and murder. Electronic data found on computers can provide the key to a successful investigation and prosecution. But to be successful, you must work with a skilled group of certified professionals.

The increasing use of technology has changed the way companies do business and how they manage the dispute process. Our computer experts' diverse backgrounds and technical training enable us to provide clients with advanced technology to analyze vast amounts of data vital to investigations and to identify red flags. We assist clients with all facets of technology issues including recovering and reconstructing essential data, conducting electronic investigations, preserving evidence, and serving as expert witnesses.

Keeping You a Step Ahead

Our custom solutions in Data Loss Prevention can keep you relatively stress free. You will not need to worry about litigation holds, preservation requests, data searches, or any other discovery item. We can handle them all for you.

Additionally, you will not need to worry about your company's intellectual property falling into the wrong hands or being stolen directly from your electronic systems and networks.